The Sisterhood of Shred is a documentary based on the Sugar Showdown, run by Kat Sweet, coach, and owner of Sweetlines Coaching. According to Meg Valliant, the producer, director and creator of the documentary, the Sisterhood of Shred was inspired by Kat Sweet getting a tattoo—“a tattoo that represents the community that motivates and supports her. I began thinking about what my riding communities have done for me. I wondered what the sisterhood meant to other women, and the idea of the documentary took off from there.”

The full-length documentary covers a year of key players involved in the Sisterhood of Shred, from the pros to the newbies, it follows the riders through five different events, documenting their passions, and what drew them to the community. The documentary is about a “community of women riders that motivate each other in their daily lives and push their personal limits while supporting each other emotionally, physically, and socially…From all walks of life and different points around the globe, each woman has different reasons for taking part in the Sisterhood, but ultimately seemed to find what they never knew they were looking for; a supportive woman-oriented community.”

Meg Valliant continued, “I hope to share the stories of women who’ve come together from all walks of life to bond over bikes. Plus—show our viewers how our community accepts us for who we are—while making an impact on our lives. It is a topic that I feel people can relate to and that they can learn something that they can apply to their communities.”

Katelyn Praly, a 16-year-old out of Felton, California participated in the Sugar Showdown at the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival, and held a fundraiser with her parents, Sebastian and Kristin Praly for the documentary, said about the Sugar Showdown, “I wanted to be like all of those cool shredees out on the jumps and talked to my dad—Sebastian Praly—who’s involved with the Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz about registering at the next Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival (SCMBF). At the following SCMBF, I participated in both the clinic and comp. The year after that, I met Kat and the Sweetlines family. I fell in love with the sport and community, so I went to the Sugar Showdown in Washington and competed. Regarding the documentary, I wanna pay forward the good vibes and support and love I received to everyone in the world of bikes. And everyone in general because everyone needs love and support sometimes.” Kristin continued, “Of our fundraiser, we met our goal! We hope the ‘pay it forward grassroots fundraising’ for this documentary strikes up an idea for others to have local fundraisers of their own. We loved the inspiration fuelling our fun at our home pumptrack. The local community really came together to support the documentary and to put this on.”

As Meg said, “The community that surrounds cycling is an amazing thing! Each smaller group of friends adds to another and before you know it you’re surrounded by a large community around the world.” And that is how we become the change we want to see.

A Kickstarter campaign with the goal of $10,000 for #thesisterhoodofshred ended on Wednesday, September 24th. The proceeds will fund filming and editing the rest of the documentary, with an estimated release date of spring 2015.

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