I find it difficult to describe the BC Bike Race to people who have never experienced it before. From the epic singletrack to the people cheering you on along the way, it’s hard to fathom that this is a 7-day race. People jokingly call it the summer camp for adults, and by the end of the week, most would agree.

The thing that sets the BC Bike Race apart from other races is the overall vibe. You can literally feel it when you’re out on course. Some of the vibe is planned — like some of the cheering sections you come across — while most of the it is very organic. Trying to put the experience into words just doesn’t do the week justice so we went on course to capture some of the moments in photos. There are some things you really need to see to believe…

Tara Miller from Cumberland, BC

Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Bicycles Living Room! This was a planned cheer sections at the top of Expresso, one of the featured trails in North Vancouver. Located at the top of Fromme, it was a welcome oasis for racers before making the descent to basecamp.

One of the organic cheer sections was on Day 7 in Whistler, which was organized by one of the BC Bike Race’s massage therapists, Andre Weaver. With costumes, tunes, and most of the massage therapists in attendance, it set the tone for the racers’ big finish.